[Play] I'm sequentially learning, playing, video logging and chatting about Guitar World's top 100 guitar solos of all time. My daughter dropping in to play a little rhythm on #80 with Angus Young/AC/DC's - You Shook Me All Night Long.


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A quick one here before I head off to bed for the night. Didn't take too long to learn this one and finally got my daughter off her phone long enough to give me a hand with it this evening. If she looks bored, it's because i think she was. I think she had better things to do that sit there playing G, C and D over and over again for an hour and a half while I kept screwing up the solo, haha.. Not very challenging stuff for her either. Oh well, glad to have her along at least. She's a sport. I don't think AC/DC's her cup of tea.

Some of you may have seen her jamming with me before. For those who haven't, we did a couple of metal covers together on YouTube. Maiden's The Trooper https://youtu.be/MfoBqmDpCM0 and Megadeth's Holy Wars https://youtu.be/QiZ_fNzMy28

On to the solo:

Angus Young and AC/DC, from the school of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". One of the few guitar players and bands who haven't changed their sound in 45 years. It's amazing actually. Not once have they mellowed, gotten heavier, experimented with different genres, nothing. Correct me if I'm wrong, but have they ever written a ballad in their entire career? I personally can't think of one.

Not a hell of a lot to say about this solo from a technical level. What is there to say? It's not overly complicated, but it's literally one of the most recognizable solos ever put to music. I guess that's definitely saying something however. Not particularly difficult to play, it's mostly G minor pent blues licks with a bit of G major pent mixed in, but how catchy is a solo that is pretty much as well known as the huge hit song that it's a part of? EVERYBODY knows this solo. One of the most iconic ever written. Few guitarists can claim such a thing. Nothing but total respect for Angus Young. Well deserving of a spot on this list.

My daughter finally joined me for one of these. Just want to thank her for helping out with a bit of rhythm guitar on this one.

Well, that finishes off the first 20 of these solos. I'm a fifth of the way there. As I've said before, for every ten that I do, I'm adding an honorable mention of my own to the list. Later this week I should have my second honorable mention ready to go. I'll keep you in suspense until then. Let's just say that my fingers are sore again from bending so damn much the past few days.

As always, thanks for watching!

Keep on pickin'


Edit: My last one at # 81 with Steve Hunter and Sweet Jane didn't gain a lot of traction when I posted it, and that's cool. It's not a super well known solo. Certainly not even close to being as well known as this one by ACDC, but for no other reason than to get more people (and guitar players especially) to hear this amazing solo from the seventies and to introduce it to those who may have never heard it, I implore you to give it a listen if you're here reading and following along, and may not be familiar with it. I personally was somewhat familiar with it, but absolutely fell in love with it once I started learning it. Now I want to share it with the world, haha.

Edit 2: I boosted the volume of the solo in post in my DAW. Sounded great on my computer. Played the track back on my phone later and I think she's a bit too loud. Sorry bout that.

The rest so far: