[QUESTION] Problems with staying in tune/ and fret buzz


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[QUESTION] Problems with staying in tune/ and fret buzz

I recently changed my strings on my strat for the first time on my own, now have a buzz to them especially the Low E and A strings. I did cut all the strings off before changing them and I am unsure if I messed up the neck relief and if I now have to adjust the truss rod or not. My other issue is, I have had no problems with staying in tune until I decided to tune down a half step and now every time I tune my guitar all the strings either tighten or loosen on their own and will not stay in tune even without playing it. Last time I took it to a tech he set the bridge flat to the body, but after changing the strings myself, the bridge is now floating again and raises as I tighten the strings. Anyways, I am not expert on these technical parts of guitar (Only been playing 2 years) so I would really appreciate it if you guys could help me out.


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